About Us

Carrborobotics is completely student led and managed. We are nearly equal in our male-female ratio. Carrborobotics is a space open to all, regardless of appearance or orientation. We aim to provide a space within STEM where underrepresented groups are able to learn and grow their skills.

Carrborobotics pushes to bring out the best in our members, and are constantly learning about ourselves through the construction of our robots and the friendships the team forms. Most of our team members have been in the local school system since elementary, and take pride in visiting their past schools and getting younger students involved in STEM at early ages.

From left to right: Ryder Smull, Ani Yu, Dr. Morais (bottom). Michael Penaskovic, Hannah Reeves-Cowell, Elliana Erlien, Eliza Drew, Aidan Martzolof, Hugh Pugsley-Labrum,  Noya Caspin. 

Team Co-Captains

Aidan Martzloff

Hey! I'm a junior at CHS, and my role on the team is to lead our electrical apprentices. Along with this, I drive the robot at comps, with my first one being Wake County 2023! 

Aside from robotics, I love to work on cars, take photos, and pursue my passions in engineering fields!

"Kaaaachow" -Lightning McQueen

Michael Penaskovic 

Hello, I am a Junior at CHS, and I'm the lead programmer which means its my task make the robot move, and follow make the mechanical team's creations work.  I am also the drive coach during competitions, helping our driver know what to do.    

Outside of robotics, I enjoy photography, filmmaking, cars, and art. 

"People wonder if the glass is half empty or half full miss the point.  The glass is refillable."