Frank Sinbotra

Our all new 2024 Crescendo competition bot, following our beloved celebrity-robot pun naming scheme! Traveling and over 20 ft/s, and shooting game pieces with wheels spinning quicker than 6000 rpms, Frank Sinbotra is our beloved robot for the 2024 season, following the design strategy previously seen in Tom Janks, "proudly simple".

Drivetrain: MaxSwerve (High-speed Pinions)

Mechanism: Shooter for Speaker, under the bumper intake, Amp Bar.

Notable Additions: Five piece auto, limelight auto-pickup, Slamper!

2024, Cresendo


Named such because it was 1. faster than the team's previous Tom Janks, and 2. held together primarily by zip ties. Zippy was built for Carrborobotics' members to brush up on their robot-building skills before being thrown into the 2024 season. 

Drive Train: REV Swerve Drive

Mechanism: Cube-scoring, low-high

Notable additions: Zip ties (lots of them)

2023, Off-Season

2023, Charged Up

Tom Janks

Proudly christened 'Tom Janks' with flaming paint, Tom was Carrborobotics' first robot in 3 years. Proudly simple, Tom won our UNC Pembroke regional event. 

Drive Train: Tank Drive

Mechanism: Cube-scoring, low-high

Notable additions: Modified tank drive for better grip on gamefield

2020, Infinite Recharge

2019, Destination: Deep Space